About Us

Hi there! My name is Havilah, founder of Tiny Toes & Threads. This company was born out of love and necessity. When my own little explorer took his first tentative steps, I searched high and low for shoes that combined comfort, style, and durability. I wanted shoes that were not only perfect for his developing feet but also made him feel like a tiny adventurer ready to take on the world.

And so, Tiny Toes & Threads was founded, with a mission to provide parents with the perfect sock shoes for their little ones' first walking adventures. 

With a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of parents, we prioritize both comfort and style, ensuring that every pair of shoes not only aids in the development of a child's mobility but also looks absolutely charming. We are driven by a genuine passion for fostering healthy, happy steps for the tiniest of toes.

We hope you love these sock shoes as much as we do!